About Us


Most of us are grown up with fairy tales, moral stories, folklore, fictional and fascinating educational stories. With the advent of globalization, risk of moving away from our cultural roots is high. Don’t we want to bring our children closer to our cultures?

Welcome to kadachepta.com, where the stories from your childhood are recorded and made easy for your kids to listen.

Listen to them while having family gathering, kids bedtime, dinner time, or anytime!! 

Who are we?

We are bunch of passionate people whose mission is to preserve the roots of Telugu culture, literature and traditions!

Our Team

  • Amulya Reddy
  • Radha Bommisetty
  • Siva Viswanand
  • Vimala Mare
  • Mohini Juluri
  • Abhilash Juluri

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Love what we are doing and you want to help us? I salute you right away and welcome you with warm hands, please tell us below